Think smart – think Smartlink

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Atlas Copco SmartlinkIf your company uses compressed air, you will no doubt be interested in ways of making your system more efficient. Now Atlas Copco has created Smartlink: an air compressor monitoring programme that allows you to:

  • Access potential energy savings
  • Spot any issues as they develop
  • Improve your compressor uptime
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and repairs

How does it work?
Smartlink allows you to monitor the status of your compressed air equipment remotely, at any time of the day or night.

It gathers and analyses data from your compressed air system and can email or text you with information.

What specific issues can Smartlink identify?
Smartlink can alert you to a variety of problems within your system, for example:

  • High dewpoint temperature on a dryer caused by a fault
  • High temperature readings recorded on the failing element of an old air compressor
  • Inefficiently high element readings traced back to poor ventilation in the compressor room
  • Air compressors running at low ambient temperature due to freezing weather

Why is it more efficient?
Because Smartlink gives advance warnings of issues, an engineer can be called in to identify the source and fix the problem before any damage is done, avoiding costly breakdowns and down time.

In traditional methods of data gathering, staff have to visit the air compressor room and check over equipment manually, keeping track of servicing and running hours in a log book. With Atlas Copco’s Smartlink, you can leave the software to do its job and receive alerts when problems arise or work is needed. This reduces admin and leads to better efficiency in the workplace.

What information does Smartlink provide?
The level of information is up to you:

  • Smartlink Service – is a quick and easy way to access your online service log book. It also allows you to ask for quotes for parts and further service
  • Smartlink Uptime – sends a text message or an email when issues arise that need attention
  • Smartlink Energy – provides customised reports on how energy efficient your compressor room is (complies with ISO 50001).

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of Smartlink, contact our sales team by email or phone today.