Air Treatment

If you use compressed air as part of your production process, it’s important to ensure that it’s free from contaminants such as dirt, dust, rust, water, oil and micro-organisms. That’s why air treatment is so vitally important.

Contaminated air can potentially:

• Reduce machine performance and efficiency
• Increase energy bills
• Add to manufacturing costs
• Damage equipment and cause breakdowns
• Increase your carbon footprint

As experts in compressed air and air treatment products, we can offer advice on the options for protecting your equipment and processes, including:

• Compressed air filters (line filters)
• Particulate filters
• Coalescing filters
• Activated carbon filters
• Desiccant air dryers
• Breathable air purifiers

Compressed air filters can be used alongside compressed air dryers for clean, dry air.

The products we offer include the latest filtration solutions from Atlas Copco, such as innovative filters with optimised glass fibre media, encased in durable housings, all of which meet ISO 8573 standards for compressed air purity.

Air treatment specialists

Our compressed air specialists are available to advise you on the quality of air required for the various parts of your system, depending on the application, and the most cost-effective air treatment solutions. All of the advice we offer you will be completely impartial, and will be based on our industry experience.

With the cost of compressed air representing up to half of total energy expenses in many industrial settings, it’s vital to ensure that your systems are working as efficiently and effectively as possible. When selecting air treatment options such as filters, it’s worth remembering that a part or machine that has a low initial purchase cost might cost you more in the long run from increased power consumption, machine degradation and operating costs.

Contact the team

For more information about the air treatment services we have to offer, contact the Pennine Pneumatic Services team. Call us on 01422 321 772, or fill out one of our online contact forms.

Atlas Copco Compressed Air Filters

Picture of Atlas Copco compressed air filters

Your production processes and end products depend on the best quality compressed air. Untreated compressed air may cause extensive damage and lead to serious performance degradation. To protect your investment, equipment and processes, Atlas Copco offers a comprehensive line-up of innovative filtration solutions based on enhanced glass fiber media to meet your specific needs.

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