PPS and Desoutter Assemble New Partnership

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PPS are proud to announce a new partnership with Desoutter as their Industry 4.0 Partner Distributor. This exciting opportunity allows us to widen our product offering and give greater levels of support to our manufacturing customers.

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At PPS we are used to working at the forefront of technology by supplying and servicing market leading Atlas Copco products; encompassing air compressors, vacuum pumps, nitrogen generators and associated air treatment products. Our industry experience helps us to assist customers from air generation to air treatment through to regulation and control.

This new partnership allows us to help our customers implement greater levels of control and monitoring in their assembly process. From basic torque control to full data capture, traceability and process control we can advise the right products for your move towards no faults forward manufacturing and smooth the transition into industry 4.0 technology.

“We’ve always aimed to help our customers embrace new technology to make their life more efficient. We were one of the first companies to offer remote monitoring of compressors when the technology was in its infancy and used dial up internet! It is great for PPS to be working with Desoutter to help our customers implement changes in their production tooling environment to improve their productivity. Anything that helps our customers is important as customer service is key at PPS”
Ian Harrison, Managing Director, PPS

“PPS have really embraced the Desoutter brand promise of More Than Productivity. I look forward to helping them implement effective change for their customers by using our Desoutter 4.0 focused process control systems, innovative tooling and industry game changers to  boost uptime, boost flexibility and boost productivity.”
Stephen Draper-Garcia, Area Sales Manager, Desoutter

A Connected World

Industry 4.0 or the ‘Internet of Things’ as it is also known originated in Germany and is the digitalization of the manufacturing process. Industry 4.0 depicts a stage in our industrial advancement. The first industrial revolution was mechanisation through the use of water and steam power, the second saw the concept of mass production through electrical power and the third resulted in the rise of the computer and automation.

Industry 4.0 represents the next stage in our industrial development and gives rise to the creation of smart factories with cyber-physical systems and communication across the ‘Internet of Things’.

As with any industrial change, a managed approach is required to allow smooth adoption and uptake. Desoutter offer a range of products to suit your budget with many systems ‘future proofed’ to allow greater integration into the manufacturing process of the future.

The Desoutter white papers

White paper on Desoutter 4.0 Accelerate your transformation

Desoutter 4.0 Accelerate your transformation

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Desoutter white paper Human Factor and Industry 4.0

Human Factor & Industry 4.0

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Desoutter Pivotware

With a history of supplying innovative products that help our customers keep their processes effective and efficient, our Desoutter partnership takes us to the next step for production control and no faults forward manufacturing.

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You can view the full product range available through PPS here.

If you would like a member of the PPS team to come to site and look at how we can help you move towards no faults forward manufacturing then send us an email, give us a call on 01422 321 772 or use the form here.