Energy efficient compressors and energy saving audits

Energy audit

Can your business afford to ignore the savings that energy efficiency can bring?

Most smart companies today are waking up to the fact that significant savings can be made on their energy bills. Whether you run industrial, manufacturing or automotive air compressor systems, why not take advantage of our expert free advice on the best ways to save energy.

As an Atlas Copco premier distributor, Pennine Pneumatic Services can offer you the latest energy efficient Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressors on the market, with payback that is faster than you’d think.

Save up to 75% on your compressed air energy bills

Unlock savings of up to 75% on your compressed air energy bills with our energy efficient compressors and energy auditing.

Energy efficiency is a much-used phrase nowadays and with good reason, as air compressors can represent as much as 25% of the running costs in a manufacturing environment. We have saved our customers as much as 75% on their compressed air energy bills. In fact we are so confident we can save you money that we offer a free energy auditing service.

Transform your energy usage with the new generation of vacuum pumps

Invest in one of the new generation of vacuum pump systems and watch your energy bills fall. Offering top-notch performance whatever the application, these state-of-the-art vacuum pumps are cheaper to run, quieter and more environmentally friendly.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Any company that takes its environmental credentials seriously should consider where it can cut back on energy use. Let us help you find ways of making your company greener, while meeting your corporate social responsibility targets.

Energy Auditing

When you call on PPS, you gain access to a wealth of industry knowledge and the expertise to understand the best system for your specific requirements. Energy auditing fits well with the company’s strength of offering complete turnkey systems and solutions.

As a PPS customer, you can take advantage of a free energy audit, using the latest data logging, pressure logging, flow meter logging and leak detection to identify potential energy savings.

Our Energy Audit Manager will assess your existing system, take detailed readings, analyse the results and advise you on the optimum solutions, such as:

  • Replacing a conventional fixed speed drive system with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressor, to increase efficiency and save on costs in the long term
  • Installing an air compressor that features the latest GA VSD+ technology from Atlas Copco, which is designed to match air output to actual demand on any given compressor and can pay for itself very quickly
  • Advising on the PPS health & safety portfolio of air testing equipment, air leakage analysis and written schemes of examination
  • Recommending heat exchange systems for feeding waste heat from the compressor back into the system for central heating or water
  • Fixing air leaks on supply lines and productions machines – this is a common problem that many customers are not aware of and can result in significant increases in air consumption if not addressed

Energy saving solutions – with no downtime

Our surveys can be carried out during normal working hours without interrupting production time and often result in major cost savings and reduction in CO2 emissions.

Your Energy Auditing programme is geared precisely to your individual environment and objectives.

Contact us for further details or to book your Energy Audit today.

Find out more about how we work with customers like you to reduce their energy bills in our Case Studies.