PPG saves energy with Pennine Pneumatic Services

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New compressed air installations at the company’s Birstall site, installed as part of the UK 2012 Capital Expenditure plan. As the machines provide compressed air for all operational units, they are a vital part of the business.

What was needed

The previous machines were fixed speed, which meant that they were either on or off – these needed replacing with updated variable speed models.

What we did

Installed variable speed compressors, which enable the electricity usage to be more closely matched to demand. These comprised:
  • Two Compressor Houses, one providing air for Units 1 and 2, one providing air for Unit 4
  • Seven new compressors, including three variable-speed drive machines
  •  Two new air dryers, filters, air receivers, auto drains and controllers

Why PPS?

Numerous energy surveys were carried out over several years and various alternative proposals were considered before PPG decided to commit to working with PPS. During a rigorous selection process, the PPG team was impressed with the proposal put forward by PPS and with the company’s professional approach.

Key benefits

  • Significant energy savings of around £55,000 per annum
  • KW/hrs saving of 616,450 per annum
  • CO2 emissions KgC/per annum saving of 88,197
  • Quieter machines
  • Reduction in operational disruption through improved reliability of compressed air supply
  • Less on-site maintenance required
  • Contribution towards the site and AC EMEA sustainability goals
The only analogy I can think of is comparing the compressors to cars. Previously we were driving a Hillman Imp at 70mph and just getting there, now we are cruising in a Mercedes Benz with ease and spare capacity! There is a further opportunity to enable us to obtain free warehouse heating by re-directing the compressor outlets back into the building. All in all, we have been extremely pleased with how the project has been delivered. With the ongoing maintenance support from PPS and our continued vigilance, the objective of providing trouble-free, reliable compressed air should be realised with the minimum of fuss.
Alan Maycock, PPG Engineering Team Leader