PPS Reduces David Brown’s Energy Bill by 58%

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Installation of a new Atlas Copco VSD90 variable speed drive compressor

What was needed

Established in 1860, David Brown Gear Systems is a global leader in industrial gearing solutions and services. Its Huddersfield facility is spread over a 17.5-acre site, with a road through the middle, and it has three compressors on a ring main – one on one side of the road and two on the other. Recently it was decided to renovate part of the facility, which included demolishing one of the compressor houses. This gave the ideal opportunity to put forward a case for replacing the old compressor with a new, more efficient one.

What we did

PPS undertook a site visit to carry out data logging and assess the demands and needs of the facility, before producing the necessary graphs and paperwork. The Atlas Copco VSD90 was installed in a new building in October 2014, reusing the existing air dryer but with a new air receiver, filter units and piping. “Because of the long-standing relationship we have with Pennine, we work on a trust basis and we were happy to go along with their recommendations,” says Dave Blacker, Maintenance Cell Leader at David Brown.

Why PPS?

The two companies have a relationship that stretches back over more than 20 years, during which time PPS supplied David Brown with four Atlas Copco compressors along with all the ancillary parts, such as oils and filters, as well as handling any major services or repairs.

Key benefits

The new compressor is so much more efficient than the previous ones that the company has found it can run the whole factory – across both sides of the road – with the compressor still only running at 60% of its capacity. Although the old compressor on the other side of the facility is powered up and able to kick in as a back up if needed, so far, the new Atlas Copco compressor has been able to handle all of the factory’s requirements. The energy savings for David Brown have been substantial. Previously the compressors’ annual kW/h consumption was 714,700; the simulated projected figure was down to 370,050 but the final figure was actually just 294,100. This represents a saving of 420,600 kW/h a year. In terms of financial savings, there has been a drop from an energy bill of £60,749.50 per annum to £24,998.50 – a saving of £35,751 per annum. There has also been a reduction in the plant’s carbon footprint: from producing 102.25 carbon tonnes per annum to producing 42.08 carbon tonnes per annum – again, a significant reduction.
Pennine Pneumatic Services are first-class and installing the new compressor has been a good decision for us. They always do an excellent job and because of the relationship we have with them, all we have to do is give them a call and someone will be here in a couple of hours, 24/7.
Dave Blacker, Maintenance Cell Leader, David Brown Gear Systems