Compressor breakdown leads to 40% saving on annual energy bill

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Company: Manzana Contracts (UK) Ltd

Specialists in the manufacture of bespoke joinery and cabinetry for the leisure industry, Manzana services a range of industries including restaurants, prestigious hotels and high end residences.

Working out of a 25,000 sq ft workshop in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Chris and Gill Heleine and their team pride themselves on the quality of their work while recognising the importance of good customer service, combining modern techniques with traditional values.

High standards are crucial, hence the company’s accreditations for quality, health and safety and the environment. Working to deadlines is also imperative, which is why they need to be able to rely on their compressed air system.

Project date: Early to mid 2019

Project overview: Replacing a fixed-speed compressor, which had broken down, with a brand new Atlas Copco GA11 VSD+.

What was needed

Following the breakdown of Manzana’s previous air compressor, our engineers found that the spare parts were not easily attainable and established that the company would be better investing in a new machine, both for reliability and energy savings.

What we did

First we installed a free hire machine to keep the business running while we looked into the options. Through reverse working out, we established that the energy savings of investing in a new air compressor would be sufficient to provide a fast payback time.

A state-of-the-art Atlas Copco full-feature GA11 VSD+ was installed within the space of one afternoon and the feedback was that the company appreciated PPS going the extra mile. As the new machine has an integral dryer, the company has the option of taking up a 10-year service plan package.

Why PPS?

We had already carried out pipework installation for the company and they were familiar with one of our engineers from his previous company.

“PPS gave us so much confidence that if we bought from them we’d see increased energy efficiency,” explains Director Gill Heleine. “Also, we felt confident that the air compressor would be well maintained and looked after.”

Key benefits

Since the compressor was installed, Gill Heleine has compared the company’s monthly electricity bill with the previous two years and found it has gone down by around 40%.

As well as cost savings and reduced environmental impact, the new model has the benefit of being a better known brand with widely accessible spares, as well as quieter running.

PPS provided extremely good service, the installation went very smoothly and the team were so helpful it felt like we were dealing with one big family. In particular, our main contact at PPS, John Greenwood, is a great ambassador for the company. As for the service, it’s like going back in time and finding people who really care about doing the job well. At Manzana we appreciate old-fashioned values and we like to think that you can still trust people in business. Good customer service is rare in this day and age, and I can’t believe how helpful the team at PPS were.
Gill Heleine, Director, Manzana Contracts (UK) Ltd