Calderdale Engineering Reduces Energy Consumption

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Installation of a new Atlas Copco 11VSD+ compressor

What was needed

Specialising in precision engineering, Calderdale Engineering Services, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, offers traditional manual turning, milling, boring and machining, as well as fabrication and engineering, from one-off welded assemblies to batch component manufacturing. When the company moved from the Pellon area of Halifax to larger premises in Boothtown, it wasn’t worth relocating its 15-year-old compressor so a new airline and compressor system were needed for the new site.

What we did

PPS worked closely with CES to establish the best unit for the company’s needs. A new Atlas Copco 11VSD+ compressor was supplied and installed to provide greater efficiency and substantial energy savings. While the previous compressor was running continuously, the new variable speed compressor only runs when required with significant cost savings. New Atlas Copco AIRnet® pipework was also installed; this modular air piping system is made from robust, lightweight, powder-coated aluminium tube and is designed for easy, low-cost installation with a large selection of engineered polymer fittings.

Why PPS?

As PPS and CES are both based in Halifax, the companies have been aware of each other’s growth and success in the local area and beyond. By working closely on this project, they have forged stronger links and helped each other to expand.

Key benefits

Reduction of energy consumption of an average of 50%, compared with idling compressors. Improved performance, silent operation and a compact footprint from the vertical design.
The new compressor is a considerable improvement over our previous system due to the reduction of worksite noise levels and its more advanced design returning appreciable efficiency savings. The number of running hours on the new machine to date is currently 292 since our move in January 2014; it is estimated that the running time on our old system, which operated constantly during working hours, would have been in excess of 1,600 hours for the same period, it also being less efficient in its operation. The new system includes useful features such as weekly runtime scheduling for normal working hours with a useful one button manual override, it coming up to pressure within minutes from standby. Overall, we have been impressed with both the quality of equipment and standard of fitting provided by PPS; we will use them again and happily recommend their services.
Christopher ‘Tiff’ Pateman, Calderdale Engineering Services Ltd