Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

Pennine Pneumatic Services are proud to be a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier. We have been independently assessed by the Carbon Trust to determine our competence and proven track record for delivering well designed energy saving projects.

The high standards required to be a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier means you can be confident that the energy saving solutions we supply and install will work and deliver energy savings as promised.

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Whether you require compressed air, nitrogen generators, vacuum, pipework or pneumatics; our energy audit manager will ensure your project is as energy efficient as possible and can help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Customer savings

You can see full details of our case studies here but to give you an idea of the work we do here are some quick case study facts:

  •  Alco Valves replaced an old fixed speed air compressor with a new Atlas Copco variable speed drive air compressor to achieve annual energy savings of 76,245 Co2 kg (£15,859). This gave them a payback period of just seven months.
  • Habasit upgraded their old fixed speed air compressors to ensure a consistent supply of compressed air for their factory from reliable machinery. They are also saving £3,172 a year by reducing their annual compressed air energy usage from 133,500 kwhrs per annum to 75,150 kwhrs per annum.
  • Dunsley Heat reduced their compressed air energy usage by 74% by switching to a variable speed drive air compressor. Their new air compressor is a much more energy efficient machine but they are also benefitting from little things like an automatic timer so the machine is only on when needed, not left to run like the old machine was.

How else can the Carbon Trust help your business?

As well as finding Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers you can trust through the Green Business Directory there are other services you can access to help your business.

Why not…

Take them up on an Energy Assessment and receive expert advice on areas where you could save?
Or attend a free workshop to learn how to reduce your energy spend?
Or make the most of their online guides and tools as a starting point for assessing your business?

Start saving energy today

Get in touch with PPS to set up an energy audit for your compressed air system. This will help reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills to be used elsewhere in your business. Alco Valves are saving £15,859 a year, what would you do with that money?